We bring the best people with brightest minds together to develop deep understanding of the global economy and financial markets. We utilize modern technology and develop quantitative investment strategies to help our investors, employees, and partners to achieve their financial goals. Our partners have broad and successful experiences in the global financial markets. We have managed multiple high quality investment strategies with high capacity in our careers.
We are regulated by Hong Kong SFC with licenses Type 4 (Advising on securities) and Type 9 (Asset management).

Investment Philosophy
● Capital growth is foremost realized by participating in the growth of economic entities, industrial sectors, and new technologies. We discover assets of great value in the global markets, actively allocate capital and manage risk, to earn long term and high-quality investment returns.
● While the global financial markets continuously adjust to their dynamic equilibria, many local and higher frequency opportunities arise that are profitable for trading. We use quantitative strategies to discover these events and makes profit in the competition.
● Capital and information propagate in the global markets and across various time scales. We take a dynamic and global perspective of the markets. We deploy globally optimally combined strategies of various styles and investment horizons to efficiently generate returns for our clients.

Scientific and Engineering Approach
● Pandtong is a science and technology institution operating in the global financial markets. We follow scientific method to discover, test and verify profitable trading strategies, and endeavor to build an industrial level engineering implementation of these strategies.
● We have built a highly efficient research and development infrastructure.
● Our trading systems are fully automated and are driven by cutting-edge information technology.
● We scientifically evaluate the relation between risk and return. We trade only when we have true insight. We manage risks on all necessary dimensions.

The Partners
● Pandtong currently has six senior partners. We will recruit new partners when the in-house talents grow and when we meet exceptionally successful outside talents.
● Before founding Pandtong, the partners were managing directors at top investment banks, team leaders at top hedge funds, and significant contributors of technology teams.
● The partners worked most of their previous careers in North America and Europe; we came to Pandtong to participate in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific economy and markets and are expanding the business to the global markets.