Quantitative researcher

What you will do:

● Responsible for the development of quantitative trading strategy systems using the most advanced statistical and machine learning technologies.
● Implement models and structures that simulate market behavior;Develop price model and risk control model.
● Use advanced quantitative methods to identify market behavior and trading opportunities;The research is based on the fundamental and micro structure of the intelligent trading system.
● Implement and backtest trading models and trading systems;In-depth analysis of firm trading and improvement of models and trading systems.
● Drive innovative research, particularly in the areas of machine learning and unconventional data.
● Opportunity to work in the Greater Bay Area.

Qualities to make great candidates:

● Bachelor degree or above in Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering or Economics.
● Excellent knowledge and training in statistical probability.
● Excellent programming skills in C++, Python or R, familiar with statistics and machine learning software such as Python/Scikit, R/ Caret and Matlab;Experience in signal processing, computer image processing or natural language processing is preferred.
● Database programming experience.
Experience working in a data-driven research environment;Ability to complete research projects independently;Have the ability to manage the use of time;Enjoy fast - paced team work environment.
● Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.