C++ Developer

What you will do:

● Develop and maintain high frequency trading systems for trading stocks, futures and options on multiple exchanges in China and worldwide.
● Develop and maintain low latency market data gateways and order gateways.
● Analyze and optimize performance of our high frequency trading system, to reduce latency of market data and orders.
● Opportunity to work in the Greater Bay Area.

Qualities to make great candidates:

● Graduate from top universities in China and abroad, major in Computer Science, Software Engineering, etc.
● Solid knowledge in computer fundamentals, C++ and Python programming.
● Attention to the details of programming. Strive for deep understanding of the details and best performing C++ code.
● Deep understanding Linux OS, network and computer architecture.
● Independent problem resolving capability and keen to work in a fast-paced environment.
● Strong motivation of continuous learning, exploration and innovation.