Machine learning researcher

What you will do:

● Responsible for the development and update of prediction model using machine learning ( deep learning ) skills.
● Drive innovative research, particularly in the areas of machine learning and unconventional data.
● Opportunity to work in the Greater Bay Area.

Qualities to make great candidates:

● Bachelor’s degree or above in Mathematics, Science, Engineering. Excellent academic performance in school.
● Familiar with machine learning (deep learning), possess innovative research capabilities.
● Familiar with at least one of C++/python, possess solid and practical coding skill
● Familiar with at least one of deep learning framework: TF, pytorch
● Experience working in a data-driven research environment; Ability to complete research projects independently. Enjoy fast – paced team work environment.
● Strong analytical skills and attention to detail. Attention to the details of programming. Strive for deep understanding of the details.
● Strong motivation of continuous learning, exploration and innovation.